Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skagit Eagle trip

A few weeks ago, Alan and I got up at 430 and drove about 3 hours to the skagit river area where the eagles come every year to feast on salmon returning to spawn. We were not able to get there during the peak time, due to my work schedule, and some very wet days. However we managed to see more than 20 eagles.
While we saw over 20 eagles that day, we did not get any great photos, they were just too far away, and my camera was just not good enough to capture good clear photos. Makes one rethink the camera they have and thoughts of a new one are there.

Alan poses like his neices do for photos....what a funny guy!

The last three are just some pretty things we saw along the road.
Maybe next year, we will have gotten a better camera with better zoom and telephoto lens and luck out with the eagle sightings.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alison's visit

So when your friend comes to a conference in Seattle and only has an afternoon to visit, what do you do? Well, we took the underground tour of Seattle. It was pretty neat with lots of good stories and humor inflicted thoughout the tour. A lot of very cool things to see. So here are some photos of the underground and the last picture is Alison! We also visited the market and saw some fish being thrown. Then we capped off the afternoon adventure with a dinner with my brother. All and all we figured we walked about 3 miles ....the boy and I are feeling it today.