Friday, September 26, 2008

Crystal Mill

Before the fuzzbutts came, Alan and I went on a trip around Colorado to find some aspens that had changed colors. While we did eventually find some good color, it seemed we were a bit early. However, we did go to the Crystal Mill. I have seen it on postcards, and heard about it from locals. Apparently, it is one of the more famous places to photograph here in Colorado. While the aspens behind the mill were not changed, it still proved a pretty photo. Getting to the mill is not exactly easy, it is a bumpy narrow 4 wheel drive only road. Scary when trying to pass another vehicle. Worth the trip though. This photo is a panoramic of three. I have some wide angle photos I will post at a later time.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The fuzzbutts have come home. We got our Corgis. Molly is mostly black, and Baxter is mostly brown. They were 8 weeks old on Friday. They have been here 8 hours, and we are totally in love and have learned some of the different personalities already. Molly loves toys and to sleep, Baxter loves to bark and chase the cat.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Got Corgis?

We will.

Next week, we are bringing home two puppies, brother and sister, eight weeks old.

This week is puppy proofing the house week.

This week is also readying Alan to be a puppy owner, the boy has never had a puppy before. Only grown dogs.

This week is getting puppy supplies.

I cannot wait for those fuzzbutts to arrive.

As the saying goes, "CORGI BUTTS DRIVE ME NUTS"

Friday, September 12, 2008

SPS Castlewood Canyon State Park

Yes, I have been a slacker on SPS lately. I have miss two weeks. I do not have an excuse. What can I say, I should be disowned by SPS. Last Sunday, the boy and I took out his jeep and drove to Castlewood Canyon State Park. It is a pretty little canyon with lots of green, a color seen very little lately. It has be a relatively dry summer with little rain, and little green. See, we do go places that aren't national parks :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A special day

Today, marks six months for Alan and I. Shortly after we started being serious, I had a total freak out moment and started searching the internet asking the question, "How do you know if you are in love?" You should have seen some of the results, however I did come across an article that stated you can only be in love after six months of being together, because anything before six months is just lust. I, of course, thought that it was funny, because even though I did not want to admit to this crazy thing called love, I knew I was in love. It was hard for me to admit, and Alan was soon told about the article. We have both been joking for months that we can't be in love yet...because it hasn't been six months. Today, however marks that lust to love transition and we can finally lay that joke to rest. I am sick with a serious head cold today and am in my apartment. Alan is at his home, after being sick yesterday. When we talked earlier, he told me that we were finally officially in love. It was cute. It's just too bad, we couldn't spend the day together. But it is okay, because in six months we will be married and will get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Six months ago, I had just moved to Colorado. I had been here about a week, and lonely. I got an email from a man that sounded too good to be true. Soon, much to my surprise we started emailing on a regular basis, which turned into almost nightly phone calls, which turned into our first date. We met at Garden of the Gods, had some food at the cafe, and then took a walk in the park. At the end of the date, I thought for sure it was a bust, but he called the next day to set up another date. I was pretty surprised, because those that know me, know that I do not do well with men, relationships, and especially dating. The second date was a nice dinner, which led to the third date, when he cooked for me. I have been telling people that he knew on the first date, and I knew on the second, but the third was just plain magical. We both knew we were in for a long we are engaged, planning a wedding and sharing more love and laughs everyday. I tell him almost constantly that I do not know what I did to deserve him, but I am glad I did it. Everyday, we talk, we laugh, we share in each others lives. I cannot imagine life without him in it. Amazing how six months can completely turn your world upside down in a good way.

The video was taken at Crater Lake NP when we were on our 12 day adventure in June.....before we could possibly be in love.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Surprise on a back road

This past weekend, the boy and I went to Castlewood Canyon State Park near Castle Rock Colorado. It's is not a far drive, but we took back roads to make it more scenic and more fun. We were on a a dirt road for miles, and ended up coming across a field of sunflowers. It was amazing, because we had no clue we would run into it. There are also a ton of wild sunfowers in the area, and they seem to take over fields and road sides. It was pretty neat to see the wild ones pale in comparsion to the domestic ones. It was a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

North Cascades

Driving through North Cascades National Park, we experienced a foggy morning which gave way to some blue skies. The mountains are simply amazing. The snow of course added to the beautiful landscape. This was one park I thought I would never get to, so I was excited to see it. I can't help but think I am such a lucky person to get the chance to see all these great places. I am thrilled when I think about my future and seeing our national parks with my soon to be husband.