Friday, September 26, 2008

Crystal Mill

Before the fuzzbutts came, Alan and I went on a trip around Colorado to find some aspens that had changed colors. While we did eventually find some good color, it seemed we were a bit early. However, we did go to the Crystal Mill. I have seen it on postcards, and heard about it from locals. Apparently, it is one of the more famous places to photograph here in Colorado. While the aspens behind the mill were not changed, it still proved a pretty photo. Getting to the mill is not exactly easy, it is a bumpy narrow 4 wheel drive only road. Scary when trying to pass another vehicle. Worth the trip though. This photo is a panoramic of three. I have some wide angle photos I will post at a later time.

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Jackie said...

I'm enjoying your blog very much. I have also done the medical traveler gig but as a P.T. And I love nature in all it's forms-that's the best thing about the travel job-you get to see all kinds of different terrains, animals, birds, etc. I'm a birdwatcher, by the way, and the big bird you saw was a Turkey Vulture. Keep up the writing and photography-it's very entertaining!