Thursday, July 17, 2008

In search of goats

Alan and I went on a little off roading trip to the top of a mountain last weekend. It was pretty amazing with some great views, and a variety of wildflowers. I, of course, have more photos to share, but these are some general trip photos. The road to the top, his jeep, which works better than mine on off road adventures, some wildflowers, and a little critter found at the top of the mountain that kept chirping at us. We heard from hikers, that mountain goats were spotted in the area, and we saw evidence of shedding goat fur, but no sightings by us. Sad:(


ASH's Eye said...

Sandy, a marmot! That's almost as good as a goat!!

Beautiful pictures, you wench - I'm so jealous!!!

Kerri said...

Beautiful! I love that wildflower meadown.

And I had no idea what kind of animal that was until I read Ash's comment. Not every day you see one of those!!

Catherine said...

Wow! Beatiful scenery..and the shot of the hillside covered in gorgeous flowers..beautiful!
And a marmot..not familar with , but I think prettier than a goat..:D
Looks like a fun, successful off the road trip! :)