Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Plan

It has been a while since a post. We have brought two puppies who are quite demanding into our lives. We bought this truck to pull a 5th wheel trailer we also recently purchased. It will be coming to us within the month. "THE PLAN" has come together surprisingly well.
The plan is to pack up what we need in the RV and take off with my job to travel the USA and see things we haven't seen, and go places we haven't been.
Yes, we plan to live full time in an RV!
The plan was to start this adventure in May, however due to various circumstances we are moving up the time frame a bit. We now plan to start traveling in December.
I am buying my first home, granted it is a bit unconventional in nature. It will take me where I want to go.
The wedding plans are still in place and also going well. We are so close to having invitations done!
The puppies are growing so fast and demanding more and more time and attention. They have come into their own and we were so wrong about them. We initially thought Molly would be the lover and friendly one, she turned out to be more aloof and wanting attention on her terms. Baxter has to be the center of attention...literally. He gets mad if you pay attention to things other than him. We are working on getting him out of that habit.


scrappysue said...

oh what an adventure you will have! i totally love RVing and can't wait to do it again! i can't wait to see and hear of all your travels sandy! where ru having the wedding?

Mrs. Salty said...

You are a brave couple to travel where your job takes you; this reminds me of the 1990’s TV series Promised Land starring Gerald McRaney.