Saturday, December 6, 2008

SPS: The Grottos

The return of SPS. Puppies and house (5th wheel) buying took over my life for a while. So I am getting back to posting about those public lands that are so great. The weekend before we got the puppies, Alan and I went on a jeep trip over some Colorado mountain passes hoping to find some Aspens that had turned golden. We were there a tad too early, but did manage to see some that had turned. We stopped at a little forest service area called the grottos near Independence Pass that had a neat little trail that led to an ice cave and a waterfall. There was a slight drizzle that day. Walking the trail, I found the leaves with water on them. I have always tried to get some good leaf photos, usually without much luck. I think I got lucky for once! These turned out pretty awesome with the water on them. We went to the ice caves that are carved by water and make some neat patterns in the rock. I have to credit the boy with the second to last shot, as he was crazy enough to climb down into the caves on the slick terrian. I was too chicken, especially considered I still had a bruise from the last cave I had been in.
It was a good weekend, and our last before we got saddled with the kids (puppies)!
Oh, and also that weekend, I discovered that ginger pills while smelling and tasting bad worked for me with the altitude sickness I tend to get.


scrappysue said...

love the 2nd to last shot! awesome

Kerri said...

Beautiful shots! Love that 2nd to last and also the water drops on the leaf!!