Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bishop's Castle

I first heard about Bishop's Castle my first few days in Colorado, apparently it is quite the local attraction. It wasn't until over a year later that I finally made it there. This castle has been built by one man, he started the project for his family, and it has turned into a massive non profit local landmark. He digs up all the rock himself, does all the ironwork, and literally does not have help. He states he works on it everyday, and it remains a free outing for families. You can climb up all the towers and walk in to any room in the castle. The detail work is incredible! I made it half way up one tower before I had to stop, the ironwork can be a little shaky when walked on and the height made it hard for me to continue. I think I am becoming more cautious in my old age. The husband went all the way to the top of the large iron dome, and said it swayed quite a bit and upon hearing that, I knew I would not like it so much.