Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park

Alan took this photo of a Northern Pygmy Owl. It is tiny, I thought it was just bird that the birdwatchers were excited over, but it turned out to be an owl.

Yesterday, the weather was due to be nice so the boy and I headed to Olympic National Park, specifically the Hoh Rainforest. We had some lovely weather and got to see sunlight throughout the rainforest, something a bit unusual. We walked the Hall of Mosses trail and it did not disappoint, we saw a ton of moss. As we left the trail to head back to the parking lot, we came across a bunch of excited people with huge cameras pointed up. We knew they saw something good in the trees, it took a minute to find the pygmy owl, it is one the world's smallest owls. Alan got the only shot that ended up in focus. The remainder of the posted photos all come from the Hall of Mosses trail.

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ASH's Eye said...

It's so different without snow!

I'm so jealous of the owl, too. Go Alan for getting the money shot on that one!