Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop it Leonard!

Leonard is one of my travel companions. He has been pretty much everywhere I have been. He tends to find himself in the most bizarre situations. He has cured my road rage in Yellowstone National Park, protected us from bears when sleeping in the back of my jeep with the door unable to be latched. He even manages to drive on occasion. He also tends to get the dirty job of keeping me which I constantly have to tell him to stop.

He has the chicks wrapped around his little finger too! That's Amy with the coolest retarded monkey in the world.


Chad Oneil said...

Hi, I'm Amy's cousin, Chad.

I like your work.

The "retarded monkey" is cool for sure ;)

ASH said...

Is that Leonette I see cavorting in Bass Harbor?!? She hasn't seen her monkey friend in so long :(

Leonard had me from "Hello"!