Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ash and Sand

In 2003, I traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit a awesomely great friend. That's her (on my left) standing beside me (on her right) in this picture. Her mama named her Amy! We took a road trip (of course!) and traveled to see Cumberland Falls,
(which is in Kentucky) also pictured. It is "the only place in North American you can see a MOONBOW". M-o-o-n spells Moon...Hahahha!

A moonbow can be seen on a clear night with a full moon in the sky. As it happened, it was due to come out the exact night we were planning our trip to the park, having no idea it was due to shine. Also, that night was a total eclipse of the moon, making the moonbow a much longer wait than anticipated. However long the wait, it was totally worth it. I recommend everyone to go to Cumberland Falls State Park and see the moonbow at least once in their lives. It is literally one of the most unique and awe-inspiring sites I have been lucky enough to witness. I was in the middle of a rough patch in my life, and that trip with that moonbow...well, lets just stick with "awe-inspiring!"

I have no pictures to share of the acutal moonbow, because my camera skills were not so good at the time, and also my camera was not so good at the time. Plus, it was incredibly cold, and we had water spraying up at us. I did manage to get some pictures of drops of water.

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ASH said...

I will give you independent confirmation: the moonbow was frickin' awesome! A lady I worked for in the library at Shippensburg told me about it long before I ever knew I would end up in Tennessee, or else I'd have never known it existed. I guess we were just meant to see it :)