Monday, July 2, 2007

worst picture ever

I have been getting a lot of nice comments about all of my pictures. So just to prove the point that I suck most of the time and occasionally get lucky, I decided to post the worst picture ever.... this is Spike the dog running towards me with a blue ball in his mouth. His ears flying backwards is what is giving him his cone shaped head appearence, and the flash obviously caused his eyes to become devil like. His high speed rushing towards me caused the burriness of the pic. So yes it is the worst picture ever, and yes I took it, and yes I plan to learn from my mistakes. For now, though, its funny to look at my devil-eyed, blue ball carrying, speed demon.

1 comment:

Chad Oneil said...

Actually art can be seen in almost anything. I consider this to be a cool image. Looks like a "demon dog" for sure!