Monday, August 20, 2007

elusive starfish

To get to the place where the starfish were (according to the book) we had to cross what I referred to as "The LOG of DOOM". The book did not mention we would have to cross a raging river in the middle of the beach to get to the starfish. It also did not mention the only way to cross while staying dry involved a trek across "The LOG of DOOM". Miss Amy is seen crossing here, she was much more apt and less wobbly than me. There were pictures of me crossing this great raging river, however they were lost. Oh, and for the record, I did not fall in. I should probably repeat that, I did NOT fall in. It was worth it, because in the end we found the starfish. and some of them were purple. Who knew?


ASH said...

STARFISH! The cream of the crop of tidepool denizens :) You know what, my coworker went to Acadia last week and came back with pics of starfish. How did we miss them? We had to cross the country to find them!

I testify that you did NOT fall into the raging river while crossing the Log of Doom. I would've done a lot more than that to see starfish, though :P

ASH said...

PS: I see that you are quite popular in South America!