Monday, August 6, 2007

its all about perspective

Sometimes I get really strange ideas, they just pop into my head. The first comes from a great road trip out west. The sunset was amazing, I wanted to capture it, but did not want to ask whoever was driving to pull over. I had been watching the sunset in the mirror for a while and eventually decided to try to capture the image in the mirror. It's a more interesting view of the typical sunset. The second picture comes from my home in Tennessee. Again, another sunset shaping up to be pretty. I was on the back porch getting ready to try to capture the colors in the sky, when I realized the tall plant lined up perfectly with the sun. So that became my angle. Some friends really like the artistic aspect of the shots and others just don't get why I think they rule. Judge for yourself.


ASH said...

I know all about that first shot :P But I have never seen the second and it is absolutely fabulous!

ASH said...

PS: Love the custom header!

ASH said...

Yeah, well. I totally copied my uncle, who was inspired by my cousin. :P So its just a giant chain of custom header use and inspiration. It took me less than one day to get tired of the first header I picked!