Sunday, August 10, 2008

SPS: Critters and tracks

For a late SPS post today, I am posting photos of critters found along white rim trail in Canyonlands NP. We spent two days on a dirt road averaging less than 10 mph.

This little guy graciously stood still long enough for me to photograph him. I had a grand time chasing lizards for the entire two days of the trip.

Alan and I saw this huge bird flying around the canyon, I tried to get a photo, but then it swooped away towards a rock formation further down the trail. We kept an eye out for him, but could not see him again. Once we neared the last spot of sighting, I stopped the jeep, and we looked again. I didn't see him until Alan pointed out that he was flying right towards us. This is the shot I got.

We were the only ones to see this guy and his buddy. They crossed the road right in front of us, and I of course started pointing...and Alan grabbed my camera and took this photo...they were on his side of the jeep. Then they were off into the rocks. I doubt anyone else saw this huge guy.

Finally, on the road to the back way into Canyonlands, Alan pointed out these. Yep, my very first sighting of dinosaur tracks.


Kerri said...

WOW! I love seeing all of your shots from these wonderful parks!!

ASH's Eye said...

Mr. Man took a great shot of the sheep! I totally wanna go looking dinosaur tracks now ... awesome photos, as usual :)