Sunday, December 2, 2007

Introducing Challey

While in TN in October, I had the interesting experience to meet "Challey"which is short for "Challenge". This horse was rescued by the humane society and is probably one of the more drastic examples of animal abuse. Apparently, she was kept in a small pen with two other horses knee-deep in muck. They were not being fed or had appropriate access to water. They were severely underweight and very skittish. There feet were simply horrific. These were not the type of horses you could walk up and put a halter on. In fact it took a very long time to get a halter on Challey. My family, of course, took in this horse and have been working with her everyday for months. My family brought in a professional trainer to help as well. This is Challey after months and months of horse rehab. She is still very wary of humans and not one to come up to a human, unlike our other in your face horses. She will come into a stall, but is unable to have the door closed behind her.


Kerri said...

What a sad story with such a nice ending! She is beautiful!

Moi said...

Ouch....why would anyone do that to such a sweet animal..why would anyone do that to any living creature....we human beings do not stop at extending our viciousness at human beings....instead we go a step further and include animals too !!!! I am happy Chally found a family like yours......hopefully it will begin to trust the better of humankind soon :)