Wednesday, December 12, 2007

snow makes everything pretty

As you all have figured out, I love snow! It makes the world seem pure and fresh, especially when you are the first one outside to make the first footprints in the snow! It can also make dead and dying weeds look more interesting. I took these two photos directly behind the parking lot of our apartment complex in part of the grass they do not bother to mow.


Moi said...

i am with you in my love for snow :)

Salty said...

I love a pretty fresh fallen snow but as soon as the first one starts to get dirty I'm ready for spring!

Super shot of the gettysburg monument. I really like the monotone!

Kerri said...

Lovely shots of the snow!
We have an ice storm coming our way this weekend.....yuck!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Just dropped by after noticing your link fron Ash's blog.
You have some beautiful pictures here, I love the hose shot at the bottom of the page.. I will call back again soon..