Friday, December 7, 2007

statue in snow

It snowed a few days ago, I was dying to get outside and take some photos, but had to work. I work 12 hour shifts, so I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Today, was my first day off post snow. I had to attend an in-service at work, and then had the rest of the day free. I went to work armed with my camera to stop at a state park on my way home. On a whim, I took a side road that led through part of the Gettysburg Battlefield. There were snow flurries today, so the sky was gray, and all of my photos had this eerie monotone look to them. At first I was not happy, then I looked again and discovered that they had the appearance of a black and white photo even when in color. This monument was just beautiful with the snow on it, and then to my surprise you see just a hint of color. It's a small flag peaking out from under the arm of the soldier.


Moi said...

yes, that hint of color is precious.....the tiny sign of all not being black and white.....almost a metaphor of hope???? .......i would love to see your part of the world some day, looks almost secluded!!!

Kerri said...

Oh My Sand....these are beautiful!
The top one with the Big Tree framing the monumnet...and then a bit of another tree behind it is just stunning....and when you enlarge it.....Spectacular! GREAT pics!!

Willard said...

Excellent work!

Catherine said...

Oh my....beautiful! Great images~beautifully captured! The snow does make everything even more beautiful!!
Happy Holiday's!
Stay warm!