Monday, January 28, 2008


This past week, I traveled to Washington DC for a few days of touristy stuff! It was an amazing trip with lots of interesting sites and stories. For my first post, I decided to go with probably one of the most unique grates I have ever seen. These were found at the WWII memorial. I know that most people do not look down to notice such a nice detail. However, detail in the planning and construction of this amazing memorial made it memorable. I will post more soon. Upon returning from DC, I got incredibly sick and am still recovering. Also in full job search mode. I had a phone interview today for a job in Colorado, and have some interesting prospects in Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. I do not know what it would be like to live some 30 miles north of the Arctic circle, but I may find out! Who wants to visit me there?


Kerri said...

First off...this is a pretty amazing grate! Very neat shot!

Secondly...I am so EXCITED for you!! What a wonderful adventure you have ahead. My hubby lived in Alaska, on Adak Island, which was bascially a Military base.....he said it was absolutely amazing. You would see Eagles out your back door. The vistas and wildlife were incredible.

Thirdly...I do hope you get over your illness!

Moi said...

isn't that awesome.....the details and all that's happening in your life.....have fun, girl. you are all set to seeing places .........:)