Sunday, January 20, 2008

unknown future

No photo today. Just a quick update! I have been very busy recently trying to get everything together with moving, finding a new job, and working. I have slacked off a bit, but will soon be back in full force. I have not taken a photo in a while, but plan to this week, as I am headed to DC to visit some museums.

It snowed here again, and was very pretty, however I had to work and did not get any photos before it became all gray and melty. So sad.

I have applied for several travel companies with jobs posted out west. Still looking for the right fit for me.

Bought a new book yesterday, titled "120 Most Scenic Drives", plan to use it when going from assignment to assignment.


Kerri said...

Your upcoming adventures sound so exciting!!

And I'm sure you will have lots of Fun in DC. My sister visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art in DC back in the fall and there was an Amazing Ansel Adams exhibit!

Moi said...

have fun, ALWAYS!!! :)
we intend to be in DC and Fairfax county, VA of these days!!!