Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WWII Memorial

" So here's to all the soldiers
Who have ever died in vain
The insane locked up in themselves
The homeless down on Main
To those who stand on empty shores
And spit against the wind
And those who wait forever
For ships that don't come in."

The WWII Memorial was very memorable and striking, the sun was in the perfect position to cast some great light and shadow on the memorial. As you can see, there were not too many people around, so we wandered all about and got some great shots.

Also, in DC, we went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, no photos as cameras are not allowed. However, I highly recommend it, if ever in DC. No matter how many times you visit, you will find something that strikes you. My first visit, the shoe room really hit home for me. My second visit, it was the hair room that took hold of me.

I always leave wondering how this can happen, and continue to happen today. Someday there will be a Darfur Memorial Museum. I have to say that the US response to the Jewish and other "non-desirables" plight in Nazi Germany is very similar to its stance today in Darfur. Let's ignore it, and see if it will go away.

Enough politics for today. In other news, I had a doctor confirm today that I am really sick. Now am on some meds. I have never taken codeine before, it knocks me out. I think it will help me get some sleep tonight. Am off work the rest of this week, as I have absolutely no voice left. A whisper is all I can do at this point. Try talking to a hard of hearing patient with only a whisper. Not so good. It looks like my first stop of the travel nurse career will be....drumroll please....... Pueblo Colorado.
I am awaiting my contract to arrive in the mail, but it seems like a good fit for me.


Kerri said...

Great shots all....but I LOVE those last two!

How exciting...Colorado! What a beautiful area....with lots of photo opportunities! Can't wait to hear more!!

Kerri said...

oops! Meant to add....I hope you feel better soon! REST!

Willard said...

Those are impressive photographs of D.C. and your other work as well.

You are truly an excellent photographer!

I hope you get well soon, and good luck on your job search.