Thursday, February 28, 2008

the day

It has been a long day, very long. I left my house at 8 am this morning. I drove for 12 hours today. I saw very interesting things today. I saw a grove of trees completely destroyed by the tornadoes in the South. There were probably hundreds of trees broken in half with sharp jagged edges shooting up from the trunk. The area must have been the site of a tornado touch down. I also saw a lot of hawks, at least I think they were hawks in Arkansas. Arkansas also showed me several dive bombing planes. Okay, they were crop dusters, but they swooped down over the highway really low, did a sharp u-turn and returned to the field. At first, I thought it was going to crash into the tractor trailer ahead of me. Then I saw 5 more while making my way across Arkansas.

I saw the most beautiful sunset ever today in Oklahoma city, and I didn't get a photo. I am so mad. The sun was covered by really fluffy streaky clouds all day, it would peak through now and then, but while setting, it dipped below the clouds. The sky was bright orange with purple and pink hues. The orange light was bouncing off the buildings in the city making them light up with orange fronts. Once the sun was down, it make the sky the coolest purple and pink with clouds that made such a unique pattern. However, it was a really busy roadway, so I couldn't stop.

I saw myself going a little crazy. I got a GPS system recently. It talks to you, telling you when to turn and which exit to take. Its really awesome. However, it does not have common sense. You can't tell it you changed your mind on the route you wish to take. So when you don't follow the assigned route, it says " do a u turn", or when that won't work it says, "recalculating" which means it determines another route because you messed up the original one. I heard it say "recalculating" at least 30 times when I changed my mind and it couldn't cope. I am convinced that it got annoyed and got snotty when saying "recalculating". So I decided that it was time to stop for the night. I landed in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

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Kerri said...

Oh how neat to experience all of those things!