Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

The rust on some old horse shoes. Living with horses allows me to get some great shots of horse accessories like the shoe. These were handmade by my brother and used on my mother's horse, Ember. I just like the pattern created in the rust.

I have been Tagged by Scrappy Sue. So now I need to lay out 7 random facts about me.

number 1. I hate shoes, all types all forms. I also hate socks. I love being barefoot. But when I have to wear shoes, I prefer flipflops even in winter.

number 2. I am by nature a very shy introverted person. Most people that know me, think I am i lying when I say this. However, it's true. I have to overcome my shyness everyday.

number 3. I spent 6 weeks in Italy, 5 of which in Sardinia working on an archaeological site. We dug up all kinds of artifacts. The last week was spent in Rome just walking around the city and site seeing. The trip to Italy was my first plane, train, taxi, boat, and scooter rides.

number 4. While I am on the digging topic, I spent 6 weeks of a summer digging up graves for relocation. I helped clean and measure the remains.

number 5. I have a dent in my leg from white water rafting. I fell out, hit a rock and now have a depression in my thigh.

number 6. My first roadtrip was the best. My friend, Amy, came out to Wyoming, and we drove around Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska. We slept in my jeep much of the time. We each took more than 10 rolls of film in a span of 3 weeks. The film processing was more expensive than the trip.

number 7. Every time I see a turtle on the road, I stop, scoop it up and bring it home with me. I think I started a new turtle herd on our old farm from all the ones I brought home. I have been doing this before I could drive. There is just something terrible about looking at dead turtles that have been run over. I also tend to scoop up stray dogs and cats too.

Now if understand this correctly, I get to tag others. Most of the people, whose blogs I have been following have already done this. I do not want to tag them again. hmm.....


Kerri said...

Oh, it was GREAT to learn more about you! Your trip with Amy sounds Fabulous!!

And I am glad you are a turtle rescuer!!

scrappysue said...

nice tag sandy! and yep, the tagging can only go so far!!!