Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Trip

As it turns out, my trip ended up quite differently than planned. The plan was to go to Canyonlands NP, drive White Rim trail for two days, head up to Glacier NP, and camp for a week in the park and do some hiking. The first two days went as planned, until we arrived in Butte Montana and finally got some news. The weather for Glacier did not look good, they were expecting 2 feet of snow. So we had to change our plans. We thought about heading to Yellowstone, but saw the storm system was going to hit there as well, so we headed west. We decided to go to Crater Lake NP, saw Crater of the Moon NM in Idaho along the way. Once we did the mile of rim road that was open on Crater Lake, we headed north. We drove through the Columbia River Scenic area, on the way to Mt. Saint Helens, then off to Mt. Rainer, and North Cascades NP. On the way back to Glacier, we stopped at the Grand Coulee dam. After a few days in Glacier where the mosquitoes were huge, we did a quick stop at Yellowstone's upper falls, drove through the Grand Tetons at sunrise and headed back to Colorado. Some 4800 miles were added to my Jeep during this trip. It also now had over 100,000 miles. My jeep went up steep dirt hills with rocks, through giant mud puddles, forged flooded roads, ended up with the name of "KD" and preformed beautifully. As you can see, she got really really dirty, and probably traveled 200 miles of dirt roads as an estimate. It was a wonderful time, we saw some great critters along the way. Alan and I were sad to see the trip end. I was sad to have to wash the Jeep, she earned that dirt!


ASH's Eye said...

Welcome back, Chica and Mr. Man! Show me the critters!

Kerri said...

Oh My Gosh....this sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! Can't wait to see your pics!!

scrappysue said...

awesome trip sandy! amazing photos - as usual!

what sort of camera do u have?