Friday, September 4, 2009

Big Bend....not what you think....

The boy and I made it to Big Bend today. It was not what either of us expected. I expected to see a river and Mexico in the distance. I knew there was some desert life, but I did not expect it to be so green, I did not expect to see petroglyphs, be above 5000 feet in the mountains, or for it to rain.

We only did some of the park, due to time constraints, however, I think we did well. We went Chisos Basin. There were some very unique mountains, it was also where we ended up above 5000 ft. It started to rain up there and the temp dropped to 63 degrees, and about 30 minutes later we were back down to 2000 ft and it was 83 degrees.

We then went south to Rio Grande Village. It was mostly shut down for the season, be we saw a really green campground. The highlight of the trip was a 2 mile dirt road to Hot Springs. We found old buildings, petroglyphs and the boy dipped his toe in the River. We also found a huge palm tree (see Family on the road), and what we think is bamboo. It sure looked like bamboo to us!

Oh, then it started to rain in the a serious rain. So I got to drive through water that was flash flooding. It looks deeper than it is!

Driving 90W from Uvalde to Marathon, we saw what we think were golden eagles, and the most vultures I have ever seen in my life. They were everywhere, covering the entire road, and on fence posts seven in a row. We also saw too many to count border patrol trucks. We even did our first immigration checkpoint. They make everyone stop, and ask if you are a citizen. Me being the whitest white girl ever, had no problems!

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