Friday, September 18, 2009

Made it to Washington

We made it to Gig Harbor! However, we had a little accident along the way. We were in California needing to stop for gas, and had to get into a station that we thought we could get in and out of okay. We thought wrong.

The back of the 5th wheel hit a concrete barrier and the corner got a little messed up. However, that is why we have insurance. So we will be displaced for a little while until it can fixed. The repair place unfortunately is backed up for a few weeks, so we get just enough time to settle in for while, before packing up our house and taking it to the shop.

I start work next week, am very excited. As for the trip, we made it to all the national parks listed except for Mt. St. Helens, it was fogged in again. We did get a bonus park, Mono Lake!

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ASH's Eye said...

Boo on damage to the 5th wheel, but yay on a surprise Mono Lake! I'm not sure why, but that place really caught my imagination when we swung through there. Good luck with the new gig in Gig Harbor (pun intended :)