Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I screamed like a girl

While at the zoo, Alison (pictured above) and I visited the Lorakeet cage to feed them nectar out of little plastic cups. As you can see they were very aggressive for their chance to get high on nectar. One of those birds flew off of Alison's shoulder directly at my face, clipped my cheek with its wing and landed on my shoulder, shrieking in my ear. I was surprised and screamed like a girl...a manly girl, but still I did jump and grunt. The nectar cup I was holding flew into the air, when I jumped and nectar flew everywhere, including my cheek, neck, Alison's face and neck and all over my camera. These aggressive little nectar whores continue to shriek in our ears. Alison ended up with a wet willy given to her by one of the birds that later climbed on her head. I had one nibbling on my neck. It was a unique experience made totally worthwhile by seeing a bird stick it's tongue all the way into Alison's ear.

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