Monday, September 3, 2007

a two-headed yellow dog

Okay, so its not really a two-headed dog, but it sort of looks like one. I was driving home from work tonight thinking of what to put on the old blog, and thought to myself, "I have a funny picture that looks like the dog has two heads...that will work!" So here are all of my dogs staring at the turtle in my hand. There is Kelly on the left, with Khaki being the lower head, Chase the upper head, and Spike on the end. It also resembles an "oreo" cookie, black on both sides, creamy in the middle...well, that sort of sounds dirty.


Chad Oneil said...

Hey there, this is Amy's cousin, Chad.

That's cool, it certainly looks like a two headed beast!

Clint, Robyn, Lucas & Chewy said...

I want an original name for my blog like yours!! Miss your goofy grin!

ASH said...

You know, it looks like you sorta played with the colors of the dogs, too, although I know that's their natural colors. But it really looks like you turned two tan dogs into black dogs!