Saturday, September 1, 2007

my brother

This blog is dedicated to my brother, Ken, who I hear is telling his friends to visit my blog. So in his honor, I figure I should give them something to see involving him. Friends of Ken, I give you some cool shots of him. I hope he doesn't mind, I guess if he does, I will hear about it.....
When I moved to Wyoming, Ken and younger brother, Greg, helped to make the trek out there. This picture was taken at Snowy Range, just outside of Laramie back in 2001.

This is a photo of Ken shoeing Lance taken this summer at the new spread in Tennessee.

This photo was also taken this summer, while he was making a shoe.

In this photo, we see Ken and his mini, Maggie hanging out in the snow. They have a special bond, and she tends to get jealous of him when he is around and not paying attention to her...typical woman!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures, showing Ken working on Annie. She looks awesome, and he is shown in full rasping mode!

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ASH said...

Yay Ken, and yay Snowy Mountains!!!