Wednesday, September 19, 2007

natural framing

Another favorite motto of mine is "natural framing", and I love to find unique ways to use whatever is out there to "frame" my photo. Obviously, this is not a new technique or even an uncommon one, I just was able to do it without much effort and it seemed to come naturally to me. My eyes have always been good at seeing the natural framing usually available in tree branch form. The first photo was taken in Yosemite National Park, I doctored it a bit in photoshop, because my original picture was a bit washed out. The tree branch added a nice touch to what otherwise would have been just another nice waterfall picture. The second picture is from Zion National Park, and is using a rock formation, and a tree branch to form the natural frame of a rock formation in the distance. The sun also provided an element to this frame, as it lit up the distant rock formation , but was dark in the foreground of the photo.

1 comment:

ASH said...

I love these photos! I remember how the top one was washed out in the original. You did an amazing job bringing out the color in it.

You are my inspiration when it comes to natural framing. I learned it from watching you!