Saturday, May 3, 2008

Capitol Petroglyphs

In Capitol Reef National Park, there is a wooden walkway near a rock wall laden with petroglyphs. There are some that are incredibly easy to spot due to the signs pointing the way. However, the further down the walkway you go, the harder they are to spot. I enjoyed finding many of the hidden petroglyphs and tried to photograph as many as I could find. There was a German couple also on the walkway, they would see me stop to take a photo and eventually they asked what I was taking photos of, for they could not find the petroglyphs. I pointed out several and they got incredibly excited by my finds. As I moved on, I noticed they followed my lead and stopped where I did to see if they could see the hidden petroglyphs. Alas, they were still having trouble, so they kindly asked for me to point some more out, which I happily did.
In the photo above, see if you can spot the petroglyphs. Look below for the close-ups. If you are having trouble finding them above, look below for the missing chunk of rock to use as a marker for the first photo.

PS, if you click on the first photo to enlarge it, you will easily spot them. If you like challenges, find them on the smaller size!

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Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful, I love to go find petroglyphs and pictographs.. thanks for sharing.