Thursday, May 15, 2008

SPS a little early

Here are some views of Canyonlands National Park. I really find that this park has several different types of scenery to enjoy, from rock formations to arches. The last photo is of wooden shoe arch, you can easily figure out where the name comes from. I am going to be heading back out to Canyonlands in a few weeks, and am really excited to enjoy it again.


Catherine said...

Hello Sand!
I apologize too for not being by in a while, such a busy time of the year, with the gardens, blogging kinda takes a back seat!
But glad I made it by today, beautiful photos, I love the one with the tree's against the dark grey & white sky, so eerie, but so beautiful at the same time!!
Great captures!

ASH's Eye said...

Your SPS was a little early, and mine was a little late. We average each other out!

Love these photographs, I wish I'd been able to explore that part of Canyonlands. And you might go back, too ... so envious :)

I really, really, really like your photo of the scared bacteria, too. Don't bust the crust!

Moi said...

i envy you too!!!i wish i could do all that traveling you manage to :)