Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Signs

While in Utah, I got the chance to grab a photo of one of my favorite signs. It is such a unique sign, that I regretted not getting a photo of the first time I was there years ago. Basically, all it says is stay on the trail or else you are killing life.

I am headed to Montana in a few weeks, to Glacier National Park in my week off between contracts. My boyfriend is coming with me, and I cannot wait to share the photos from that trip. I have not been to Glacier before and have been dying to get there for years. If anyone has suggestions, they would be appreciated.

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Moi said...

so cool..when we ahd planned to go to Yellowstone, we though of covering Grand teton and Glacier on the same trip.....i think i can neevr get enoguh of too much of NPs.

and loved the sign. It's worth putting up coz a lot of us dont know that our irresponsible actions have much greater impact on planet earth than we can even begin to imagine