Wednesday, October 24, 2007

can you guess what it is?

Remember those magazines they made you read in science class? On the back there were always three photos, and you had to guess what they were. They were usually macro photos of some common object. This is a macro photo of something that fell off a common object, can anyone guess what it is? This is also my attempt at abstract art.


Moi said...

i cant figure out...that's a compliment for abstract art..if nobody can guess what it is!!! ;D

but if i let my imagination run..this looks like a series of miniature cookie-cutters assembled together :D

ASH's Eye said...

Hmmmm. I remember those science magazines, but you stumped me with this one. Whatever it is, is it laying next to a magazine? Is it made of play-doh?? A fancy fruit roll-up???

It sure is abstract :)

ASH's Eye said...

PS: I am not ignoring your email about Niagara ... I am quite intrigued by its proximity!

PSS: When do we get to find out what the starry item is??

Sand said...

When I graduated nursing school, my gift was a coffee mug that said "class of 06". Around the mug was a rubber ring of blue stars to grasp when it was hot. This is the ring broken and laid flat on the counter placed between a magazine and an envelope.

ASH's Eye said...

Never had a coffee mug as fancy as all that :) Cool picture!