Saturday, October 6, 2007

my pound puppy

There are a few favorite photos of my Panda. She was a pound puppy that was a Christmas present given to me by my mother. She was a stinky little critter when she first arrived home, but with a bath and brushing, she turned out to be the best dog ever. She was super smart and learned really quickly. My brother taught her to bark at words which included, "beer, pretzel, and squirrel". He even taught her to bark loud and softly depending on his voice tone. She knew several phrases like, "wanna go for a ride", and "who's out there" and "wanna to to the barn". Panda used to get angry at me when she saw me packing things up to go to college. She often would not be around to see me off, and when I came home after long periods of time away, I would have to bribe her to come so I could pet her, often offering her a ride in the car. It is pathetic when you have to take your dog for a ride so she will stop ignoring you. She also loved to destroy balloons learning quickly to pull them down with a string to pop them. Oh, and she was the best puppy raiser too, with the seeing eye pups she was freaked at first but quickly learned how to play with them and not hurt them. They of course loved it. She was around for the litter of pups that came much later in her life, she did pretty well with them, even though she was old and arthritic. Best present ever, hands down!

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Moi said...

sweet....some day i too will have dog stories to share!!!! :)