Wednesday, October 10, 2007

creepy cicadas

Nothing creeps me out like the empty shells of the cicadas that show up every 17 years. Ugh! They reared up a few years ago and left empty carcass shells all over the place. I remember I was driving to work one day in my Jeep, which did not have AC, so I had the windows open. These guys were flying across the Jeep and in the window, I had a few hit me in the face. Ugh! The red eyes also creep me out. I did however get close enough to get some decent photos. Imagine one of these guys landing on your face.

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ASH's Eye said...

This is not related to cicadas, even though I think they are creepy, too. You should check out Site Meter. Its It gives you all sorts of readouts and a better world map of who comes to visit!