Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It is 5:50 am, I am tired, I worked two long very crazy and at times horrid days, and now am up this early to attend a GI conference. I am sore, cranky, bruised, and most of all do not want to leave the warm perfectly stamped bed it took all night to to perfect. Besides all of that, I also woke up a bit early, due to urgent need to empty the old bladder. So with a bit of free time, I decided to post a blog. I chose these elephant seals for my post because the do not want to get up and move either. They are content in the sand, not moving, and groaning the day away. Today I wish I could do that, alas, maybe tomorrow.

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Moi said...

awww!!!! i feel like that several times a week...and Mondays are the worst!!!!