Sunday, March 2, 2008

Garden of the Gods part 1

Its too hard to choose my favorites from this place. so I think I will make a more than one post. It truly is a beautiful site. I could tell the elevation difference immediately as I soon as I started walking around. It been a while since I lived at a higher elevation, and it was evident. I think it may become a regular haunt for me as its close, photogenic, and free. When the land was donated to become a park it was stipulated it had to be called Garden of the Gods, it would remain forever free to the public, no building would be built except to maintain the park, and there would be no intoxicating beverages sold in the park.


Kerri said...

Looks like a Wonderful place to explore!! Have Fun!
Good Luck with your first day of work today!!

ASH's Eye said...

To quote us on our first trip through these parts: WOW!!!

PS: I see a dot on my visitor's map that says "Pueblo"! That has to be you! Yay!

PSS: How was the first day of work?!?

Salty said...

The first pic in this post is awesome! Great work!