Monday, March 24, 2008

More Garden of the Gods

I went to Colorado Springs again today, and ended up in Garden of the Gods. I was with a friend and tried to keep photography to a minimal so I wouldn't freak him out too much! :) I did end up with some good stuff though.

A bit of trivia for today too! Apparently, the original people that named the park, at first decided it would be great for a beer garden, but later settled on Garden of the Gods.

Can you see "The Crying Indian"? It took me a minute to see it, even with someone pointing it out to me, and now its the only thing I see.


Moi said...

i see the Indian ....yes i see him!!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful captures!! I see the husband would love that shot..he is always finding faces in rocks~to the point he drives me crazy trying to get me to see it..:D
Nice post!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

fishing guy said...

Sand: I visit here and it is a beautiful as you have shown.