Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Sand Dunes National Park part 2

A few more shots from my recent trip. I was driving up to the park entrance when I saw a herd of deer grazing, so I stalked them for a bit and got the first photo. The second comes from the dunes looking to the mountains behind the park. It was right before the clouds came and started spewing forth ice balls and a nasty wind. It was very difficult to walk on the sand, and I couldn't imagine climbing to the top of the dunes, but the views would have to be fantastic from up there. There is a trail to an overlook of the dunes, but the road was closed due to the snow. Maybe next trip I will be able to focus more on the dunes themselves rather than the landscape surrounding them.


Kerri said...

Wow Sand....I "clicked" and enlarged these...they are FABULOUS! Great job!!

Willard said...

Wow, Sandy, I need to visit your blog more often. You have posted a lot of great material since my last visit. I like it all!

The shots in the rear view mirror are cool. I have used that technique on occasion,too.