Saturday, March 8, 2008

Royal Gorge part 2

I took so many photos from the gorge that I need to divide up my posts. So this one is dedicated to the bridge itself.

These first two photos of the bridge are taken from both sides at different viewing areas. As you can tell, there were very few people there.

One of the attractions that comes with the hefty admission price is an incline railway. It takes you to the bottom of the gorge and when you get there you can look up at the bridge. Its a pretty unique view. I went down to the bottom with 4 other people.

Another great attraction is the aerial tram, this photo was taken from that ride. I was the only person on the tram. The guide said that in the summer 35 people are crammed in that little thing. I enjoyed being the only one on this trip across.

I have more great photos from this awesome place, so it will be the subject a a few more posts.


Stacey Huston said...

What a cool thing to ride the tram alone. I know i would have had to peel my child from the railing. He's not the most trusting when it comes to heights.. But would have loved every moment, Thanks for sharing

Kerri said...

Looks like a Fantastic place to visit....and for photo ops. I think I would have been NERVOUS....I am a tad bit scared of heights. But it does looks AWESOME!

ASH's Eye said...

Hey, you,


I hope you are trekking over dunes on this fine day!

Hmm ... 1979 ... that was a good year :P

scrappysue said...

hey i think i've been here too!

scrappysue said...
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