Saturday, April 26, 2008

Zion National Park

It is Saturday again....already! Where has the week gone? For SPS this week, I decided to post some of my favorite landscapes from Zion National Park. I have been to Zion twice, I remember Zion for its amazing beauty and the buses full of screaming kids! One of my favorite memories is the shear awesomeness of Checkerboard Mesa (photo 2). It is to me one of the more recognizable landmarks of Zion. Everyone pulls off the road to grab a photo of the Checkerboard Mesa. The lines in the sandstone give it that appearance.

I should also mention that the logo for SPS is a Zion photo. It was taken the first time I went to Zion with Amy. It was taken from the Big Bend stop in the park. The guides will tell you that there is nothing there, no trail heads, no facilities, but a fantastic view. Amy was the one with the skills to add the lettering and border to the logo. I went to that stop again, and was there at the wrong time with the sun, and didn't come close to grabbing a photo as cool as that one.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful photos as always. Seems to those of us stuck at home that you are on a never ending vacation. Enjoy it all you can, and keep posting photos so we can travel with you vicariously(sp) (grin)

Sand said...


I promise I am not always on vacation, I just am lucky enough to have the type of job that occasionally allows me to see parts of the US.

I am heading to TN later in the week to visit family...I guess that qualifies as a real vacation!

Kerri said...

Amazing shots, Sand! When you click on the pics to enlarge you really get the full effect!
Love that checkerboard!!

Moi said...

i love all your park photos , Sand. we have been thinking of going west for some time now that we did not move to Seattle as planned earlier. Finally, it's Colorado we have decided to go for in the end of May. we'd be making it to Rockies and Mesa verde . Any tips???